The Woman’s Page

November 3rd, 1916

“The day for women was just dawning…many were forging ahead, and wherever they went, they blazoned the path and boosted the Cause of Women.”

In October 1916, the Canadian Jewish Chronicle, Montreal’s English Jewish daily newspaper, began running a “Woman’s Page” section.  The section was “conducted” by Jessie Abrams and included editorial pieces written by Miss Abrams and a Miss Rebecca Cohen.  Cohen’s pieces were entitled, “The Autobiography of an Ordinary Girl” and covered what she considered the most significant moments in her life; from when she announced to her mother that she did not intend to marry, the reaction of non-Jewish girls to her when she started high school and so on.  Sarcasm runs deep through both women’s writing but is a style that supports forward-thinking statements on the status and role of women in Canada, being Jewish, classism, religion and entertainment.  A further section entitled, “The Gallery Philosopher” seems to be written with the express purpose of reminding readers what it is to be a good person.  In addition to these main columns readers could also enjoy an occasional advice column as well as book and entertainment reviews.

In their words one can trace the years of struggle before and the decades of change afterwards for women.  Read the full first Woman’s Page (03 Nov 1916) here in PDF or click on the image below!

Over the next month, leading up to the 100th International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Jewish Public Library Archives will feature selections from “The Woman’s Page” on this blog and also on Twitter (@JPLArchives).  Join in the celebrations and follow women’s voices from the past!

The Woman's Page, 03 Nov 1916

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