The Woman’s Page – December 1, 1916

December 1, 1916

“I found the Jewish girls well-read, entertaining, extremely well-dressed, and very much neglected”

This concluded a frank appraisal of Jewish-Montreal’s dating scene provided by “M.L.A,” American friend of Jessie Abrams, following a stay in the city. While M.L.A was impressed with the overall hospitality of Montrealers, she found something amiss in the social economy between young men and women who lived there, saying that she was glad to be returning to her home country “where girls are regarded as comrades and not as providers of good cheer.” To her, guys who enjoyed socializing with gals who hosted them with food and drink in their homes ought to return the favour, not exactly in kind, but by taking them as dates to various public events, listing everything from dances to lectures. To make it worse, one man had explained that he didn’t like being “talked about”, and that’s why he didn’t like going out with Jewish girls much. To M.L.A, to be a gal in Montreal was to be treated like a joy in the home and a liability on the arm. 

A deluge of letters were sent to Abrams in response, and many published in the following few issues of the Women’s Page.  Our next few installments of “The Woman’s Page” blog will cover this story so check back again tomorrow!

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