Sarah Fischer – International Opera Star in the International Press

Sarah Fischer, while born in Paris, spent her formative years growing up in Montreal, where she was to kick off a highly successful career as an opera singer on the international stage, whre she was known as a Canadian soprano. Good reviews of her performances abounded in the press, both in Montreal and abroad, in Europe, where she studied and performed extensively before returning to Canada. Throughout her career her praises were sung from the pages of major newspapers:

“Her voice never lacked warmth or sympathy, and she did perfect justice to the softness of Sigure Lie’s Soft-footed Snow as to the more impassionede lyrical qualities of Parry’s ‘My heart is likea singing bird.” (Daily Telegraph, October 16 1924, London)

“Miss Sarah Fischer, a newcomer, from Canada, showed unusual gifts and great vesatility (sic),” (The Musical Times, on her 11 January 1922 performance in London).

“”But the chief triumph of all was surely the Pamina of Miss Sarah Fischer,… played and sang the part throughout with an ease and charm that are possessed only by those who have the ‘flair’ for opera.” (The Daily Telegraph, on Fischer’s performance in “The Magic Flute” on May 11th, 1922)

“Her voice is charming, well placed, and her breath control perfect. She is an accomplished artist. In all her numbers Mlle. Fischer demonstrated great intelligence and knowledge of interpretation.” (Paris Telegrqam and Continental Express, on a performance Fischer gave whilst working with the Opéra Comique in Paris)

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