The Adventures of Lea Roback!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the JPL Archives officially launches The Adventures of Lea Roback/Les aventures de Léa Roback, a graphic novel based on the remarkable life of one of Canada’s most important activists.  Written by Dr. Jessica Van Horssen and illustrated by Graham Wood, the graphic novel is an introduction to Roback’s work and passions. 

Lea Roback, an inexhaustible crusader for social justice, was born on November 3, 1903 in Montreal on Guilbault Street. The second of nine children of Jewish Polish immigrant parents, she spent her childhood in Beauport, a village near Quebec City, where her parents had a general store. Their house was small, two children to a bed and some beds were in the living room.

At the age of fifteen, Lea and her family returned to Montreal and she got her first job. She first worked for a dyer and then as a cashier at His Majesty’s Theatre on Guy Street. There she became aware of the inequality between Montreal’s ruling English speaking families and the mostly French and Jewish working class.

From those humble beginnings, Roback went on and became one this country’s greatest activists.  Read on and find out more!

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