Hijinks in the Archives: April Fool’s Edition!

Not everything we get down here in the archives is relevant, but sometimes it’s pretty great anyway. BTW, these jokes are NSFW. (Translation: nota bene these humorous passages contain adult content. Read at your own risk around those who may be offended).

Processing some old files, we stumbled upon an envelope of old jokes someone had painstakingly clipped out of newspapers and saved. We laughed so hard we cried. The paper the jokes were printed on may be yellowing and crumbling, but the content remains fresh.  Some of the jokes appear to be from Montreal newspapers given the location references but the clippings contain neither dates nor indication of the publication of origin.  Some of the jokes very clearly demonstrate the division between Anglophone and Francopone Montreal, economic classes and, of course, the perception of the place of women in society.

Seeing these jokes gives a peek into the personality of the person who accumulated these, and also into the style of the humor and societal norms of an earlier era. Some of the jokes possess a sly subtlety that has become rare these days, and others attack the reader with unexpected twists and plays on words. Below, we liberate the best of these clever words into a well-deserved life of immortality on the interwebs. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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