Gerry Maass Archive of the MHMC, Week Five!

I begin today the last three days of my training course.  It will be a very limited time to complete the classification and the physical arrangement of the Gerry Maass fonds.  I started sorting out a binder of correspondence; there are still seven more to go.  I do not believe that the fonds will be in the impeccable order when my training course will end.  I think that I won’t even have time to start organizing the photos.  For that purpose, I would have needed at least three more days.  However, I console myself by telling myself that I began with a fonds which was, as I have already mentioned, in huge disorder and is now in a very respectable order considering the time which was assigned to me.

Besides the correspondence which I have to classify, I already began the physical classification of certain series. There were certain mysteries concerning several documents which prevented me from finalizing my plan of classification.  I have to admit it, I have made some more changes in my plan, but now it is final!  After some acrobatics, I managed to juggle with my series, sub-series and files so that my plan will be the most representative of the fonds.  Because there are many documents and correspondence coming from and concerning other Maass family members, it was not obvious to sort and grant them a place in the plan.

My last week will therefore amount to making revisions, to place and to replace what is not yet in order and to ensure that my plan is useful.  I will try to make the most of my last three days.

 Author Stéphanie Favreau is interning at the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre as part of her studies in the “Gestion des documents et des archives” Certificate program at UQÀM.

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