This Week in JPL History: Cinderelly! Cinderelly!

In the early days the JPL would hold a ball each year. One of the first fundraisers ever held was “A Literary and Musical Evening” in 1914. This musical tradition was maintained throughout the early decades of the Library through the JPL’s annual ball.

During the ball a number of musical groups would perform a few pieces each, often Fox Trots, or Waltzes. Attendees would all receive a souvenir program outlining the performances of the evening. These programs would also contain ad spaces which the library sold to help fund its cultural activities.

While it is certain that the majority of attendees happily whiled away the hours in an evening of fun and dancing, we have evidence that at least one ball-goer may have had a less than enjoyable time. One industrious child doodled all over the 1934 program book held within the Archives.

While the library may no longer hold an annual ball, we do hold a wide array of cultural programs which run the gamut from film screenings to academic lectures to concerts!

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