This Week in JPL History: No More Dead Dogs! Gordan Korman visits the JPL

The NBCL has a large and much read collection of Gordon Korman’s books in both hardcover and softcover

The Jewish Public Library has been lucky enough to host Gordon Korman twice over the years! The last time he visited was in 2000 when he came and spoke to a packed crowd of students. During his talk he gave advice to all the aspiring young authors- telling them to always carry a notebook, so that they could write about what they saw around them. He also told them to proofread, proofread, proofread, –joking that a character that’s an only-child with red hair can become a brunette younger brother by Chapter 6.

During his first visit to the Library Korman had a deep impact on his audience, Sarah Mlynowski, now a best-selling author, was in the crowd that day and years later when she met Korman she spoke to him about that visit.

Sarah Mlynowski herself visited the library in 2005 and spoke about how inspiring it was to meet authors when she was a young student at the Jewish Public Library. She will be visiting the JPL again a year from now as a part of the 10th Annual Girls Night Out. This unique program brings together moms and daughters for a fun-filled night in the company of a popular YA author. Raffles, desserts, goodie bags are included in this special evening.

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