This Week in JPL History: Extra, Extra! Read All About It! Library Bulletins

As the Library has always been a library for the people, by the people; it has always been crucial for the Library to keep its members up to date with its goings on. Over the years the Library has used a number of means to advise its members of news and events. This has included Bulletins and Presidential Newsletters which were mailed to members. The bulletins and newsletters would include information on upcoming events, or reviews of past events, staffing news, new book lists, as well as any notices or tidbits the Library staff felt its members should know. The publications would be mailed out every few months and were a way for the Library to touch base with its members.

These days the Library keeps in touch through the JPL Happenings which is emailed to subscribers on a bi-weekly basis. Happenings currently boasts about 4,000 subscribers. If you would like to start subscribing you can sign up through the JPL`s website. Additionally the Library publishes programming brochures which detail the programs which the Library will be running throughout the year.

The This Week in Jewish Public Library History blog series was made possible through the generous support of the Peter and Ellen Jacobs Virtual Archives Fund.

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