This Week in JPL History: Calls to Order

Moses Myerson addresses the audience at the Library’s 35th AGM

A critical event for every organization is its annual general meeting (AGM) that brings together all of its dedicated members. It is a gathering which allows for an organization to share the going-on’s of the past year, its plans for the future, and asks for members to voice their own thoughts and opinions. The Library used to hold its annual meeting in the spring time, though it now takes place in early September. One of the most evident changes that can be seen through the years is the shift of languages in the annual reports, as well as recordings of past AGMs. For many years Yiddish was the sole language of reporting as it was still heavily used as the as the mother tongue of the community, however over time reporting began to occur in a mix of languages. Today the reports are written in English and French. You can listen to some of our earlier annual general meetings through the Yiddish Book Center.

During the AGM reports are given on the activities of the Library over the past year. Speeches are made by the Library`s President and Executive Director that serve as touchstones for the aims and guiding principles that will shape the upcoming year. Formerly, the Library would also invite a speaker to the AGM who would give a lecture on a topic of interest.

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