This Week in JPL History: Le cercle juif

René Lévesque speaking at a Le Cercle Juif panel, Naim Kattan is seated to his right.

The Montreal Jewish Forums, which were run in partnership by the Jewish Public Library and the Jewish Immigrant Aid Services were proud to host le Cercle Juif for an evening entitled ‘les juifs face a la nouveau realite du quebec”. The evening featured Naim Kattan, Dr. J. Mackay, Joseph Gallay, and Gerard Pelletier.

Le Cercle Juif was founded in the late 1940s by the Canadian Jewish Congress and was staffed, and managed by that same organization. It continued until the early 1980s. Le Cercle Juif reached out to the public through two avenues, cultural meetings and a publication, Le Bulletin du Cercle Juif. Naim Kattan was its most recognizable director. His tenure as director began in 1954.

Many individuals were invited to the evenings to discuss French culture and Judeo-Christian relations. The Jewish Public Library hosted some of the cultural meetings of Le Cercle Juif, and David Rome, an Executive Director of the Library, along with others connected to the Library would participate in the evenings.

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