This Week in JPL History: Your Library History

While the history of the Library covers literary and educational events, technological changes and an ever-diversifying bookshelf, a century’s worth of community building has fundamentally shaped the Library and its many activities. We have asked our readers to submit anecdotes about their own history of the Library, one of which you can read below.

When I came to Canada from Mexico many winters ago, the first place where I felt home away from home was in the Jewish Public Library. I used to come every Sunday for years. After raising a family, my first job was at the circulation desk in the JPL. I used to look forward to come to work, liking so much: the personnel, the people and the books.
Years later, I earned a Masters in Library Science from the University of Montreal. I worked in other libraries, nevertheless I still come to this one as often as I can since I find the books I read, usually with Jewish content. On some occasion the library got me the book from other libraries. A service I highly appreciate. Every time I come, I sense a cozy feeling. It is the same one l felt the first time I came, a home away from home.

Estela Sasson

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