This Week in Jewish Public Library: This is the end, beautiful friend

Goodbye faithful This Week in JPL History readers!

This is the end, beautiful friend, of the blog series on the history of the Jewish Public Library. When the series started a year ago it began with the intention of teaching you the reader a little bit about our history one week at a time. At the time the Library was just moving into its centennial celebration and now we are well into it.

We hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you learned a little bit about the history of this now 100 year old cultural landmark. We told you about our cultural and educational programmes, the personalities of the Library, its conferences and symposia, and its exhibits. With each story we’ve told over the past year we have tried to build a narrative which shows not just the big moments in the Library’s past, but also its day to day activities giving a complete picture the Library over the course of its long life.

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