M’Dor le Dor Time!

This month both grade 5 classes of Akiva School visited the JPL Archives to start preparations for their M’dor le dor projects.

The project encourages students to explore their personal family history and traditions while at the same time linking this heritage to the larger Jewish community.  Using archival research skills, students learn about their history from parents, grandparents, and other family members.  Together with their family they choose archival material from their own home and explore the significance of the item.  The project culminates with a multi-generational presentation of the family’s archival item; a celebration of the students’ hard work.

For their first visit to the Archives though the students are introduced to the types of materials preserved in the JPL-A and even get to analyze a document, photograph, or artefact on their own.  Below are some examples of 5B’s work on analyzing archival materials as well as images of the materials they worked with.  Great job everyone and good luck on your projects!



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