Election time!

As Canada enters its longest-ever federal campaign period, the JPL-A has decided to highlight some of our best archival election material.  Running the gamut from federal, provincial, and municipal elections, the material reveals Jewish Montreal’s contributions, connections, and deep interest in Canada’s democratic process.  We’ll also be highlighting material that reveals some of the major campaign issues of the past, such as immigration, war efforts, a bill of rights, and so much more!

Today’s archival material comes from the Jewish Public Library’s ephemeral collection and is a campaign brochure for David Lewis and the CCF for a 1943 by-election in the Cartier District of Montreal.  The text is in both English and Yiddish, evidence of the latter language’s place of importance in Canada’s Jewish communities well into the 20th century.  The by-election was ultimately won by Fred Rose, to date Canada’s only Communist Member of Parliament (more on Fred Rose to come in other blog posts!).  Lewis remained involved with the CCF throughout the 1940s and 1950s and was then instrumental in the party’s change to become the NDP.  Lewis was finally elected to Parliament in 1962 for the York-South riding.

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