By Catherine

Feminism has always interested me. Learning and knowing what women did to change the odds and improve their situations really impress me. Lea Roback was one of these protagonists who was involved in the cause of women. As a young woman of the 21st century, I think it is important to know what changed from one generation to the next and who engaged these changes. Because the place of w omen in societies has definitely transformed a lot throughout years, we, girls and women, should recognize the efforts that have been made.

In the collection of Lea Roback, there are many publications of the Voice of Women which is a non-governmental organization comprised of a network of diverse women with consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC. Established in 1960, this organization has a purpose to write and present briefs and statements to political heads of state and nations worldwide on women and peace issues. It is even more significant since it is one of the first organizations that women created during the beginning of the feminism era of the 1960s. The publications of the Voice of Women in the Lea Roback Fonds addresses different subjects such as wars, nuclear issues, abortion and right to vote to name a few. These would be very useful for people interested in feminism. These publications are easily accessible to the public and there is also a website where other information is available.

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