Exciting New Discovery!

By Staff

Just last week, an Ometz employee named Nicole Sebag was cleaning out her filing cabinet and discovered an old ledger of minutes.  Nicole knew her discovery had to be something important so she brought it down to the JPL Archives.  Sure enough, what she had discovered was a minute book for an organization that no other archival material exists for – the Independent Hebrew Sick Benefit Association (IHSBA.) 

The minute book spans from 1925-1937 and contains detailed minutes of the organization.  Sick benefit societies existed at a time well before universal health care.  Their purpose was to provide an infrastructure to which paying members could turn to in times of sickness, for mutual benefit and for burial.  This particular minute book is a fascinating walk through the the work of an organization prior to, during and after the Depression.  The reader can clearly see the impact on members and the IHSBA of those hard times. 

For more information on sick benefit societies, please see our education kit under “Learning Resources.”  Plans are in the works to digitize the entirety of this vital piece of history and to post it on this website.

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