Federation of Jewish Philanthropies

Federation of Jewish Philanthropies

Federation of Jewish Philanthropies is the original name for what we call Federation CJA.  The Federation was founded in 1917 and was Canada’s first Jewish federation!  Since that time, the name has changed three times: Federation of Jewish Community Services in 1951, Allied Jewish Community Services in 1965 and finally to today’s Federation CJA in 1997.  Federation was founded to be a single voice for the social agencies and organizations in Jewish Montreal and also to help raise enough money to support all of the work of those organizations.  The first fundraising campaign that the Federation held raised $127,000 for the 12 founding agencies.  That’s approximately $2,170,737.00 in today’s dollar value.

 The original 12 founding agencies were:

  • Baron de Hirsch Institute
  • Mount Sinai Sanitorium
  • Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society
  • Herzl Dispensary and Hospital
  • Montreal Orphans’ Home
  • Montreal Hebrew Sheltering Home
  • Ladies Jewish Endeavour Sewing Society
  • Young Women’s Hebrew Association
  • Beth Israel Day Nursery and Infants’ Home
  • Hebrew Ladies Aid Society
  • Friendly League of Jewish Women

Digitized material currently housed on this site are the minutes of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, 1917-1919. 

1917 Minutes_Federation of Jewish Philanthropies

1918 Minutes_Federation of Jewish Philanthropies_March to May

1918 Minutes_Federation of Jewish Philanthropies_June to September

1918 Minutes_Federation of Jewish Philanthropies_October to December

1919 Minutes_Federation of Jewish Philanthropies