Montreal Schools

Montreal had other Jewish schools in addition to the Jewish People’s Schools and Jewish Peretz Schools, including the United Talmud Torah and the Abraham Reisen Schools of the Workmen’s Circle.  The majority of Jewish immigrants to the city at the turn of the 20th century though attended schools in the Protestant School Board of Montreal.  Because the vast majority of Jewish immigrants at this time lived on the streets surrounding the Main, or St. Lawrence Boulevard, schools like Aberdeen and Mount Royal School had high populations of Jewish students.

History Out of the Classroom: In the gallery below are images of the Abraham Reisen School of the Workmen’s Circle (now Worker’s Circle).  The Workmen’s Circle Building was located at 4848 St. Lawrence Boulevard.  The building is now used by Sala Rossa, a cultural and concert venue.  What other buildings can you think of in your community that were once used for entirely different purposes?  What buildings that held cultural organizations now no longer exist?