First Jewish Bookstore

By Israel Medres

There were a considerable number of political pamphlets, both socialist and anarchist. These, however, did not appeal to the average Jewish immigrant. Only enlightened socialists and anarchists would buy them. The socialists and anarchists were also familiar with the first-class Yiddish writers and poets in America such as Morris Winchevsky, Z. Libin, Jacob Gordon, Morris Rosenfeld, Leon Kobrin, David Edelstadt, Phillip Krantz, and A. Liesen. Ordinary immigrants had heard little about these writers. Several years later, after the upheavals of 1905 and 1906, Jews arriving in Montreal began to show more interest in the better Yiddish writers and poets of America and Europe, whose books were becoming available at Hershman’s and in the other bookstores which later opened on Main Street.

Jewish Montreal of Yesterday, p.60

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