By Israel Medres

The first Montrealer to write for the newspaper was B.G. Sack. In contrast to his brother, Mendel Leib Sack, who enjoyed a reputation as a Hebraist, pedagogue, and scholar as well as a community leader, B.G. Sack was completely unknown in Montreal. When B.G. Sack heard that a daily newspaper was about to be published, he submitted an article which was well received. Thus a local writer was discovered and the Keneder Adler had its first staff writer. B.G. Sack began his career with the Keneder Adler, and the Keneder Adler began with him. Editors changed, writers came and went, but not Sack. He has been with the newspaper from its inception until today as a public affairs columnist, editorial writer, and historian of Jewish life in Canada.

Jewish Montreal of Yesterday, p.84

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