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Celebrating Norman Epelbaum

Celebrating Norman Epelbaum

On July 15th, 2012, over 50 family and friends gathered at the Jewish Public Library to celebrate the life and work of Norman Epelbaum.  Organized by Mr. Epelbaum’s daughters and the JPL Archives, the event was also the official launch of a small exhibit on Regent Studios and recognition of the Norman Epelbaum Fonds that is now housed in the archives. The exhibit, prepared by Concordia University Public History student Selina Antonucci, displayed highlights of Mr. Epelbaum’s work in the Jewish community as well as [...]

Epelbaum Project: Boxing Photographer Edition

So here I am, doing a bit of spring cleaning among the file folders on the computer (it’s surprising to see how many copies of the same interview transcription can exist over the course of a project) and I start reading a transcription that my supervisor, Shannon, started writing. Yesterday, Shannon interviewed Merle and Liz Epelbaum over the phone and it was interesting to see a different perspective about the same individual. Did Norman work with Malak or Yosef Karsh when he immigrated to Ottawa? [...]

Interview with Suzie Epelbaum

Shannon and I had the privilege of interviewing Norman Epelbaum’s youngest daughter, Suzie. She talked to us about her father, his life, the photography studio and her childhood. Below are excerpts from the interview. Tell us about your father. Where was he born, who were his parents and did he have any siblings?  [My father’s] full name in Hebrew was Naum Epelbaum, here he went by Norman, [and] he was born in Kobrin, Poland [on] October 12, 1928 and his parents were Rachel Gimel and [...]

The Epelbaum Project: Update

Hello again! It’s been a while since I promised an update but sometimes I just lose myself in these boxes filled with negatives, photographs among other gems like this wonderful snapshot. Besides tackling the remaining boxes and sorting negatives neatly in alphabetical order, Shannon and I had the opportunity to interview Norman Epelbaum’s youngest daughter, Suzie Epelbaum. We asked about her childhood, what her father was like and her earliest memories spent at her father’s photo studio among other questions. An excerpt of the interview [...]

Epelbaum project

Hello, my name is Selina Antonucci and I’m an Honours student in the Public History with Internship program at Concordia University. I also go by the name Archive minion #2.  I know what you’re thinking… Public History? Internship? Public History can’t be easily defined but it does include methods from the discipline of History and ties in with professions in museums, historic sites, and archives to name a few. So what does this have to do with an internship? Apart from the fact that it’s [...]