Jewish Public Library
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The stories we tell...
The Library, through its collections, Archives, community and children’s programs, acts as a repository that sustains and enables access to Jewish literature, knowledge, historical and cultural heritage. We invite participation from all segments of the Jewish community as well as the community at large.


  1. To operate as a public, membership based library open to all.
  2. To provide in five languages (English, French, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian) a full range of cutting edge library services in support of education, learning, research and cultural enrichment.
  3. To sustain the Jewish Public Library Archives as a unique community resources that preserves and makes available for research, as well as to the general public, the social, cultural, and economic history of Jewish Montreal.
  4. To provide, through the Norman Berman Children’s Library, a fun, nurturing environment for parents, caregivers and children that stimulates interest in reading and enhances learning.
  5. To provide, without bias, access and guidance to the JPL facilities; to print, audio-visual and special collections; and, to our Archives.
  6. To offer a range of programs that engage the community and showcase our intellectual, literary, cultural, spiritual and historical heritage.