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The stories we tell...
Our Wedding Album
This edition of Prologue is dedicated to love and marriage; or rather the archival remnants left behind that preserve our relationships whether they are happy or sad. Between these pages, the dear reader will find samples of courtly love, unrequited love, love hard-earned and love that opened new doors. 
The JPL-A has also selected for your pleasure samples from the Photograph Collection of brides looking their best (and sometimes their grooms!) from the late 19th century to the late 1940s. Yards of muslin, crepe, taffeta and satin abound!  The song lyrics printed with the wedding photography are from “Because” by Edward Teschmacher, pseudonym for Helen Guy, published in 1902. The song was a popular choice for weddings in the early 20th century, weddings such as Sylvia Fish to Maurice Wineroope, whose honeymoon diary is featured in the pages of Prologue.