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Guidelines for Using the Archives & Antiquarian Book Collection

Guidelines for Using the Archives

1.       The Archives are open to all interested members of the public during our regular business hours. Due to space restrictions, you must make an appointment ahead of your visit. 

2.       The Archives provides workspace within our facilities for researchers.

3.       Archival material cannot be circulated.

4.       The Archives provides gloves for researchers handling delicate documents or photographs.

5.       Photocopying and scanning of documents and images is permitted at the discretion of the Archives. A nominal fee is applied for these services. The Archives conforms to all Canadian copyright and privacy laws.

6.       We welcome sharing our records but we ask that researchers remember the fragility of these archival holdings. Be conscious of loose sleeves, remember that ink should not be used around the records at any time and that food and drink is prohibited in the Archives.

7.       During winter months or severe weather, you may be asked to remove outer clothing and/or shoes before entering the Archives.

Guidelines for Using the Antiquarian Collection

1.       The Rare Book collection is for use only under the supervision of library staff. It cannot be browsed.. library staff will retrieve requested item(s) for you. You need to present a completed Rare Books/Special Collections Registration and Request Form online at (XXXXXX). You will also need to present a photo ID to the reference librarian on staff once you arrive for your appointment.

2.       The number of books or manuscript boxes that may be used at any one time is limited, and at the discretion of library staff.

3.       Food and drinks are prohibited in the consultation area. All bags and other personal effects (including cell phones) must be left with the reference librarian. You may bring your laptop; electrical outlets are available.

4.       Materials must be handled with extreme care. In some cases, the reference librarian may need to handle the item for you.

5.       Books and manuscripts must be returned to the librarian on duty when you leave the room.

6.       Reproduction services are available at a charge.  Please consult a member of the reference or Archives staff for pricing and other details. Please note that many items in the collection are too fragile for reproduction.