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The stories we tell...
Gift Ideas

Kinder Klangen

Yiddish Holiday and Play Songs for Kids of all Ages (and their families too). Through a playful English narrative, Eva Raby and Sandy Kogut take their listeners on a fun-filled educational journey from the opening good morning songs to the last lullaby with steps throughout the Jewish holiday calendar along the way. Counting songs, nursery and nonsense rhymes, clapping songs, marching and holiday songs.

CD: $15 each, shipping and handling in Canada: $3.00.

Call (514) 345-2627 ext. 3012 to order your copy of the CD today.


The Birthday Book Club

Celebrate a child’s birthday in a special way. Fulfill our traditional respect for books and learning and support your Children’s Library.

Your donation in the child’s name will purchase a new book ($18.00), DVD ($18.00) or both ($36.00) for the Library. He/She will receive a Birthday Certificate from the Library and will be the first to borrow that book or DVD. You will receive our heartfelt appreciation and a tax receipt for your donation.

Join online by filling out our form.


Donations for other occasions too!

For $18 you can donate a book in honour of other special occasions, such as a milestone birthday, engagement, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.