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Marie Benedict: “The Contributions of Historical Women to our Modern World”
Date:Monday, September 23, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM
Admission: $15; Members/students $10
Location: Jewish Public Library
Address: 5151 Côte-Ste-Catherine
The Mary & Sheila Heimlich Cultural Endowment presents
An Evening with Marie Benedict
“The Contributions of Historical Women to our Modern World”

Who knew that the cell phones we hold in our hands also bear a piece of history created by inventor and movie star Hedy Lamarr, the woman at the heart of The Only Woman in the Room? She developed a ground-breaking weapons system to strike out against the Nazis and, fleeing to Hollywood to escape her abusive arms dealer husband and supplier to the Third Reich, she brought with her military secrets which later became the foundation for world-changing Wi-Fi technologies. Lamarr is just one of many historical women whose contributions are hidden in plain sight, as Marie Benedict explores in her novels,
including the upcoming Lady Clementine, about the brilliant Lady Churchill.

Through her fiction, the author attempts to rewrite historical narratives todemonstrate the scale and scope of women’s roles and provide a fresh lenswith which to view the past, present, and future.

Marie Benedict is the NYT bestselling author of The Other Einstein, Carnegie's Maid, and The Only Woman in the Room. While practising as a lawyer, Marie dreamed of a fantastical job unearthing the hidden historical stories of women and finally found it when she tried her hand at writing.

Introduced by Elaine Kalman Naves, writer, journalist, and broadcaster.

Bronze sponsor: Lois and Danny Miller.
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