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Benefits of volunteering at the JPL

Volunteers contribute their time and special skills and can expect to reap many rewards. The JPL offers important and valuable services to a diverse population. Volunteers can work individually or as part of a team.  Volunteers receive personalized training and on-going support from staff members.  By volunteering you can:
  • Enhance your talents and skills
  • Gain new skills
  • Obtain valuable work experience
  • Explore career possibilities by working in an area of your choice
  • Acquire new friends and professional contacts
  • Gain greater understanding of people at different stages of life and from diverse economic and social backgrounds
  • Become involved in community issues
  • Receive letters of reference
  • Enhance your resumé
  • Gain personal satisfaction

As a volunteer, you are an indispensable part of the community. By performing many vital services you supplement and enhance the work of the Library’s professional staff.  Your interaction with patrons can add warmth and purpose to their lives.You also increase the community’s awareness of the Library and its mission.


Responsibilities of the volunteer

Volunteering is a rewarding experience when all participants – volunteer, staff, patrons – have mutual respect and a desire to cooperate in meeting recognized needs.

As a volunteer you are expected to:

  • Accept only responsibilities you can handle
  • Take volunteer work seriously
  • Be on time
  • Advise your supervisor if you are going to be late
  • Fulfill your commitment as staff and patrons depend on you.
  • Notify your supervisor in advance if you cannot maintain your commitment
  • Establish a good relationship by being open and honest with staff
  • Participate in any training programs that may be arranged
  • Respect confidences that staff and patrons may share with you
  • Respect the confidentiality of information with regard to patrons, staff and Library lay personnel that you may be privy to in the course of your volunteer work.
  • Immediately advise your supervisor or a member of the Volunteer Committee if problems of any type occur.
  • Should you decide to terminate as a volunteer the above-mentioned individuals should be notified as soon as possible or at least one (1) month in advance.

Volunteer opportunities at the JPL

Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 345-2627, ext. 3003.

Books on Wheels

The Library provides a shut-in service for members who are unable to visit the library and are dependent on the program for reading material. We depend on volunteers to pick up and deliver material. We need new volunteers to expand the program as the demand for this service is growing.

Circulation Assistance – Overdue books
An overdue list is printed each week to track materials that have not been returned.  Volunteer assistance is required to telephone patrons with reminders, to check the shelves if patrons claim the materials were returned, and to follow up until the materials required by other patrons is returned.

Shelf Reader/Inventory Control
When books are removed and/or replaced on shelves it is inevitable that they frequently are left out of sequence. There is an ongoing need to “read” the shelves to ensure that materials are in order, to check the shelves against bibliographic reports, and to change the status of materials on the database when items are missing.

Book Sale Coordinator
Under the direction of the Access Services Librarian, volunteers are needed to sort through donations, determine which items are for sale, which are required by the Library, and which must be disposed of in another manner. The volunteer checks titles on the database, prices items and organizes the book sale shelves and display. This is an ideal job for an aspiring entrepreneur as this program is an invaluable fundraiser that supports the Library book budget.

Archives: Photograph/Poster Collection Assistant
The volunteer will up-date the photograph and poster collection indices; adapt the poster collection storage to meet preservation needs and complete an inventory of photographs to be added to the collection. The volunteer will complete basic training on basic preservation care and descriptive standards for archival photograph collections.

Archives: Textual Collection Assistant
Volunteer will up-date finding aids for specific textual collections, write biographical summaries, list and describe materials and organize records for long-term preservation. The volunteer will complete training on basic preservation care and arrangement and description standards for the Archive’s textual collections.

Cultural Event Assistant
Volunteers help out during an event or program by selling tickets, taking tickets at the door, assisting people to their seats, selling memberships and books, promoting the library by explaining and handing out library information and distributing and collecting questionnaires.  Volunteers may attend that day’s event free of charge.

Membership Assistant
Volunteers are required to verify and enter data of membership information, prepare and process automated reports for membership renewal, process various mailings for membership and follow up on membership renewals. Our members are the foundation of the Library and recruitment and retention of members are central to everything that we do.

Development (Fundraising) Assistant
Volunteers assist with grant research, telephone calls and support administrative work for events
– labeling, stuffing envelopes, telephone calls.

Norman Berman Children’s Library
The Children’s Library requires volunteers in the following areas:

  • To shelve books and do shelf-reading.
  • Assist patrons with computer searches.
  • Check in new books, verify database, process the books and affix security labels.
  • Repair books and keep bulletin boards up to date.
  • Telephone assistance in calling parents about programs and work in support of the Birthday Book Fundraising Project.