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History and Secular Texts
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The oldest book in the JPL Rare Book Collection is a 1481 copy of Antiquitatis Judaice [Antiquities of the Jews] by Josephus Flavius. This secular recount of the history of the Jews represents those books in the Collection that are studies of historical, geographic, or political topics. Click on the images below for a description of a sample of these books.
JPlAntiquitatis Judaice
Josephus Flavius
  JPLDe tintinnabulis
Franciscus Sweertus (Magus Hieronimus)
Amsterdam, 1664
JPLTractatus theologico politicus
Baruch Spinoza
  JPLManifiesto legal de la jurisdiccion exempta de la inquisicion
Balthazar de Mendoza
JPLA Pisgah Sight of Palestine
Thomas Fuller
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