Vestitus sacerdotum Hebraeorum Vestitus sacerdotum Hebraeorum
Vestitus sacerdotum Hebraeorum
Johannes Braun (1638-1708)
A standard work on Hebrew religious garments, their production and ritual use, with very fine engraved plates, first published in 1680. Its scholarly qualities merited the author Johannes Braun (1638-1708) a professorship at Groningen, where he had to defend himself in later years against opponents of his Federal theology with Socinian leanings.

In 1697-98 a second edition of the Vestitus sacerdotum Hebraeorum appeared, followed by a similarly illustrated work on Hebrew antiquities (Selecta sacra, 1700). The fine plates of Hebrew garments and their production and religious functions, engraved by B. Stoopendaal, are except for one all engraved on plates; the first edition contained 17 illustrations of which 12 were engraved in the text.
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