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Jewish Public Library of Montreal


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Literature, Arts and Culture

Jewish Montreal Families and Individuals

Founded in 1914 after several previous unsuccessful attempts, the Jewish Public Library continues to serve Montreal's Jewish community through the highest circulating Judaica collection in North America as well as the general public as one of Montreal's independent libraries. Photographs of the JPL reflect its rich history through images of Boards of directors, library programming and classes, buildings, meetings and special events.

JPL Photograph Gallery


The JPL Archives preserves the collections of three of Montreal's Jewish day schools, Jewish Peoples Schools, Jewish Peretz Schools (as well as records from those schools after their merger) and United Talmud Torahs. Photographs from all three collections include images of classes and teachers, school buildings, class trips, as well as special events such as concerts, plays and teacher retirements.

Education Photograph Gallery


Celebrating its 90th Anniversary, FEDERATION CJA is the umbrella organization for Jewish Montreal and its agencies. Photographs include images of FEDERATION agencies and affiliated agencies such as Jewish Immigration Aid Services, images of the annual Combined Jewish Appeal campaign, special events, community leaders and philanthropists, meetings, officers and building openings.

Federation Photograph Gallery


Photographs under this category include images of Montreal's synagogues, mainly exterior shots, from the Shaar Hashomayim to the Bagg Street Shule.

Synagogue Photograph Gallery


For over 90 years, the YMHA/YWHA of Montreal has offered programming and services in arts, culture and physical fitness to the Jewish community. Photographs in this category are dated mainly post-1950 and include images of sport teams and games, dance classes, fundraising efforts, buildings, and leaders of the "Y".

YMHA/YWHA Photograph Gallery


The JPL Archives was originally conceived to preserve the manuscript collections of the Yiddish and Hebrew poets, writers and artists who called Montreal home. The collections of these literary leaders include numerous photographs illustrating their lives, work, and contributions to both the Jewish Public Library and Montreal's Jewish community.

Literature, Arts and Culture Photograph Gallery


The JPL Archives prides itself on preserving community history through the collections of Jewish Montreal families and individuals. Photographs that fall under this category originate from numerous private fonds such as the Lea Roback Fonds, the Boulkind Family Fonds, the Samuel Gesser Fonds, the Joseph Berman Fonds, the Steinberg/Rafman Families Fonds and the Manny Batshaw Fonds.

Families and Personalities Photograph Gallery