Recent Acquisitions to the Archives, Jewish Public Library
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An issue of Progressive Theatre, 1936, edited by Ralph Novek Ralph Novek Fonds
Ralph Novek was a playwright as well as scriptwriter for CBC Radio. His early work reflects his social activism in the early communist movement and later his support of Canadian soldiers fighting in World War II. The Fonds, which includes copies of scripts and plays as well as articles, was donated to the JPL-Archives in July 2006 by Ralph Novek's son, Joel Novek, a professor of sociology at the University of Winnipeg.
Items from the Tilya and Eric Helfield Fonds on display at the Jewish Public Library Tilya and Eric Helfield Fonds
In 2006, Tilya Helfield donated a large portion of family archives that included material regarding her husband Eric Helfield's work in Cote St-Luc borough politics, her father William Gallay's research work as well as magnificent household artifacts such as early 20th century kitchen utensils. The photographs, documents and artifacts beautifully record the growth of this Canadian Jewish family and also reflect the development of the Jewish community in Montreal.
The Life and Work of Alexander Bercovitch: artist, by Robert Adams, published by Editions Marlowe Robert Adams Research Fonds
In 1988, Robert Adams published his meticulously researched book on Montreal artist Alexander Bercovitch. Mr. Adams' donation documents his research in Mr. Bercovitch's family, life and work as well as the effort to publish the work.