Learned Teacher
Shimshon Dunsky
Originally from Jasinowka, Poland, Shimshon Dunsky dedicated his life to education the promotion of Hebrew and Yiddish. Dunsky was educated in a traditional yeshiva and started teaching school in Poland shortly before immigrating to Canada in 1922. In 1923, Dunsky joined the staff of the secular Jewish People's School and by 1927 was the vice-principal of the institution. He remained in this role until his retirement in 1969 and is no doubt remembered by countless students of the Montreal Jewish community.

Dunsky was dedicated to both the Hebrew and Yiddish languages and his writings varied in topic and form. His works included children's plays, poetry as well as published essays and articles on the Jewish community, history and pedagogy. Additionally, Dunsky was the author of a Hebrew exercise grammar book, Imunei Dikduk (Montreal, 1951), which was used by students across Canada. His largest undertaking was his translation of the Midrash for the five books of the Megilot from the original Hebrew and Aramaic into Yiddish. The translations and publications spanned a total of seventeen years beginning with Lamentations (1956), Esther (1962), Ruth (1967), Ecclesiastics (1967) and Song of Songs (1973). All were published in Montreal. Dunsky employed strict methodology in his translations setting a high standard for this type of work and garnering high praise for his accomplishments.

Portrait, Shimshon Dunsky
Shimshon Dunsky
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