Israel Rabinovitch
Israel Rabinovitch was born in Biten, Poland and educated in traditional religious schools. He began playing tambourine and violin in a Klezmer band at the age of 13. His involvement in music also led Rabinovitch to his start in writing, composing poetic lyrics for his band.

Rabinovitch immigrated to Montreal in 1911 and for the next seven years worked in a clothing factory while continuing the composition of music in Yiddish. Rabinovitch began to contribute articles to the Keneder Odler and eventually was named editor of the Yiddish daily, a position he held for over four decades. His tireless work for the newspaper included contributions of commentary in a regular daily column, world news, arts and culture, pieces on music and also Jewish education. Rabinovitch's deep involvement in the Montreal and Canadian Jewish community is illustrated through his long-time involvement with the Keneder Odler, an institution that had a profound impact on the development of the Montreal Jewish community and the intellectuals that helped to define it.

In addition to his work for the Keneder Odler, Rabinovitch published two historically significant works: The Jewish School Problem in Quebec (Montreal, 1926) and Muzik bay yidn (Montreal, 1940). The latter work was translated into English, Jewish Music: Ancient and Modern, by Governor General Award winning poet A.M. Klein.
Portrait, Israel Rabinovitch
Israel Rabinovitch
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